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Traditional Acupuncture available Haywards Heath & Horsham

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Growing older and living well are dreams and wishes we all share. To achieve this dream we must be lucky and get a helping hand along the way. Acupuncture can provide one of those helping hands in those older years of our lives.


I offer you a complementary option to life’s aches and pains and growing prescriptions. So come and join the low cost acupuncture clinics held in Age UK West Sussex Centres.


Pain and Arthritis

Nearly all of my patients that attend the Age UK clinics are in pain. Be it from arthritic joints, neurological damage, weak circulation or fatigue. Pain can appear anywhere from within the joint to areas distant from structural problems such as sciatic pain.


“Don’t give up!” In my experience the body can find a comfortable structural position which is pain free, even if you have a diagnosis that shows an area as incorrect to the perfect anatomy. 

In practice there is some immediate pain relief, generally it will take a number of treatments to reduce inflammation, ease spasm, relax the muscles and essentially restore the damaged area.

For instance back pain can find some relief after just one treatment and after five may be better than it has been in years. A patient coming for stroke rehabilitation will have a slower recovery time and comes for frequent weekly treatments for at least ten weeks. Patients coming with chronic progressive conditions, such as osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, high blood pressure and cancer develop long term treatment plans.

As well as working with your main health complaint acupuncture is a treatment that will offer you relaxation, emotional support and energy boosts too.



Common Conditions at

Low Cost Acupuncture

Age UK Clinic






Knee Pain

Back pain

Hip Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder pain

Nerve Pain



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome



Stroke Rehabilitation




Cancer Support

Prostate Cancer



For Bookings and Advice

07788 696145




Brtish Acupuncture Council Marc Stenham.jpg